Tiffany Art - Coin

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) is acknowledged to be the leading artist in Art Nouveau in the USA. Being fascinated with antique glassware colour appearance and style he undertook intensive studies in glass manufacturing. He founded in 1879 the Tiffany Glass and Decoration Company and invented a special coloured glass, semi opaque and with metallic effects. This patented manufacturing process merges semi melted glass sheets with either a mix of Silver chloride, or peroxide of tin, or bone ashes or other substances. He was famous as a glass artist and well known for his unique creations; for example, combinations of unusual materials of glass, ceramic and bronze, lamp shades with geometric and floral designs, motive windows in Churches. His art work enjoyed a revival in 1961 as a result of the movie „Breakfast at Tiffany“, the name of his jewellery store in New York. In the late nineties Tiffany lamp shades fetched US$ 2.000.000 in auction.

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Mintage Face Value Diameter Weight Metal Quality
Dollars mms. Oz. Grade
999 10 50.00 2.0 Silver .999 Brilliant Uncirculated